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Arts  – A bridge between cultures

“Culture is mostly about sharing, experimenting, feeling, doing and living together. Culture is about the contents of life, understanding and expressing our reality, and our reactions to the world.” Annamari Laaksonen (2010, Making culture accessible)

The purpose of the project is to identify different ways of expression, understanding and sharing realities, beliefs, traditions, and religions. On the other hand, we want to create “bridges”-   ways of access to information, freedom of expression, education,  and self-determination. We want to create “bridges“  for the minorities and disadvantaged groups and ethnicities to express their heritage and the diversity they protect, to feel respected as an important part of the human culture. We want to create “bridges” between the amateur and the professional as an open class where each artist is a teacher and a student.

We want to promote respect for creation, for other cultures, for expression and art.  We want also to create a space of acceptance, social cohesion and harmony where the queen is the art, the guardians are the artists and everybody is welcome to experiment with the feeling of joy and enlightenment.

Our Activities and Projects:

  • December: Traditions meet Cultures 
    • workshop Anthropology History Museum

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  • January: Workshops   ”Tech women ”  Västerås, Sweden   


  • February: round table – Entrepreneurship  “ Women in Startup” Västerås Sweden :


  • March: Exhibition “Alienation” the world through the eyes of autism children Västerås, Sweden :
  • May : outdoor activities 

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  • June, Special Education seminar, Västerås Sweden
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  • August:  Inclusive education, seminar, Västerås Sweden

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  • September: Inclusive Education, seminar : ”Inner Child”

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  • October: Graphic Facilitation, workshop Västerås, Sweden

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  • November Exhibition Alliens Västerås Sweden