Alienation is the feeling of liberation of the captivity of one sense, the liberation of this ego the others constantly project upon it, the rebirth of a new ego. (Kaya 17)


Alienation is my cry against the common sense of the human being when my soul is looking desperate to go out the matrix. (Maya, 16)

Alienation is when I’ m among people and feeling alone when I’m talking and no one hears me. (Ely 17)

Alienation is when I lose my religion and my traditions. (Aman 18)

When I lost my lovely family and my friends, in the refugee camp I felt lost. (Said 18)

When you feel that nobody likes you and nobody cares about you, when in a roll chairs look to the children who run around u -this my alienation:  I’m ou out of my life game. (Evelina 16)

Tous les appels à l’amour, à la solidarité, à la compassion ne peuvent que rester vains en l’absence de cette sympathie, de cette compréhension premières qui sont absolument essentielles. – Alice Miller