About us

Elpis is a non-profit organization focused on meeting the demands of disadvantaged groups, developing  new competencies  and creating new opportunities for inclusion on job market.   

We offer courses, training, coach and psychological support in order to help them to find the way to themselves, to become the best version of them and to have the main roll in society.

Our vision: Follow your dream

Each of us has a dream and our vision is to guide our youths to find and follow their dreams.

We are weak beings with wishes and frustration,

We’re learning to ask and waiting to get

We know to hit,  to cry and leave

We’re going through years full of regrets

And what it remains ? our lost names  in an ocean of word.

The thoughts of Amin ,17

              Our objects:

To learn our youths to be kind and happy.

To help them to find who they are and what they need.

Give them motivation for school and lead them to avoid the school dropout.

Give them information and support in questions of substance abuse, delinquency and sexual abuse.

              Our mission

is to run a cultural center based on non-formal education where the youths discover themselves, find out their talents and vocations.

We are dedicated to offering them new opportunities to grow spiritually and have a better life far away from the feeling of exclusion and alienation.

              Our values

Through our activities, we create bridges between cultures and ethnicities. We create bridges to the lost children of the society.

We learn through our actions that together we are stronger and each of us matters.